Repair & Overhaul

CEF Industries has an internal fully FAA/EASA Part 145 certified repair station that can handle all repair or overhaul of CEF products or any other similiar products.  The Repair Station is set up to provide operators with a quick response, quote and turnaround time on the repair or overhaul with the typical TAT being less than 30 days.  Dedicated facilities, repair technicians, tooling, fixtures & test equipment, repair kit & piece part inventory and contract administration resources enable the quick turnaround time and focus on complete customer satisfaction.   

FAA/EASA Part 145 Certified Repair Station

FAA Part 145 CertificateEASA Part 145 Certificate

Contact the CEF Repair Station:
  Email: [email protected]  
Global CEF Certified Repair Stations:
  Kearsley Airways Limited
Romeera House
Stansted Airport
Stansted, Essex CM24 1QL, UK
Phone: +44 (0) 1279 871000
Email: [email protected]
S3 AeroDefense
2101 W. Camden Road
Milwaukee, WI 53209
Phone: +1 (414) 351-1860
Email: [email protected]
  OGMA-Idustria Aeronautica de Portugal
Parque Aeronautico de Alverca
2615-173 - Alverca, Portugal
Phone: (+351) 21 958 10 00
Email: [email protected]
Secondo Mona S.p.A.
Via Carlo Del Prete
1-21019 Somma Lombardo (VA), Italy
Phone: (+39) 0331-756111
Fax: (+39) 0331-252334
Email: [email protected]
  ST Engineering Aerospace Systems Pte Ltd.
505A Airport Road
Paya Lebar, Singapore 539934
Phone: (+65) 6287 1111
Fax: (+65) 6280 9713
Email: [email protected]

Many of CEF's component's are repairable items and CEF has created Component Maintenance Manuals for these items to allow third party operators or maintenance, repair and overhaul facilities to repair these parts.  Below is the latest revision index for these CMM's, which can be purchased through our distributors.


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