Engineering is at the core of our business as everything begins with the design process and flows through manufacturing engineering and quality engineering.  Below are some of the engineering tools and software that we utilize in the design & development of CEF products.

Design-DraftingPrinted Circuit Board Layout in Altium DesignerFEA Analysis

•Solid Edge ST2 with Animation

•Solid Works 2017

•Altium Designer (PCBA Layout & Design)

•3D Via Composer

Design-Analysis Tools

•FEA – Solid Works

•Workbench Electrical Simulation Package

•Taguchi Design Analysis Tools

•Fairfield Gear Analysis Program

•Powergear Design Software

Cadence P-Spice Software

Process Engineering

•Continual Process Improvement

•Production and Test Tooling Design & Fabrication

•Manufacturing & Assembly Process Creation

•Root Cause-Failure Analysis-Corrective Action

 3D Modeling in Solid Works

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