Calco founded by Charles Gustafson


  • Main Lubricating Pump and Governor Assembly For GE Turbo Supercharger B-52 APU
  • Rotary actuators for A4D


  • Motor driven Coolant Pump for Titan Missile Guidance System
  • Compressor for Convair 880 Potable Water System (PWS)
  • C-130 Aileron & Rudder Trim Tab Actuators and Flap Gear Box
  • Compressors for 747, DC-10, L1011 PWS


  • Rotary Actuators for F-14, AWACS, B-1
  • C-130 Main Landing Gear Retract System
  • C-130 Elevator Trim System
  • Complete Flap Actuation System for Piper Cheyenne & Navajo
  • Radar Coolant Pump for F-15


  • Name change to CEF (Calco-Environ-Flexible Shaft)
  • C-130 Flap Actuation System
  • In-house Ballscrew manufacturing and assembly capability
  • Radar Coolant Pump for B-1B
  • Development of Standard Low Cost Linear Actuator Product Line
  • Gulfstream selects CEF for PWS compressor


  • Airbus selects CEF Compressor for A320/330/340 Potable Water System
  • CEF offers an ESOP and acquires Sargent Technologies
  • CEF consolidates three divisions in a new 50,000 sq.-ft. facility in Addison, Illinois
  • CEF is awarded C-130J Enhanced Cargo Handling System
  • Goodrich selects CEF Compressor for CRJ-700 & Gulfstream business jets


  • Boeing Rotorcraft selects CEF for V-22 Cargo Hook Actuator
  • Allied Signal (Honeywell) selects CEF as supplier of APU inlet door actuation supplier for CRJ-700/900/1000 and Global 5000 & Global Express
  • Boeing awards C-17 APU Door Actuator & trim actuation to CEF
  • CEF awarded A380 water system compressor 
  • AFS awards Bell-429 air filter bypass door actuation to CEF
  • May of 2008 Transdigm (TDG) acquires CEF Industries
  • Eurocopter selects CEF for EC-135 & EC-145 air filtration bypass door actuation


  • AAR Cargo Systems selects CEF for A400M cargo lock actuation
  • Embraer selects CEF for KC-390 APU Door Actuator
  • CEF awarded Pilatus PC-24 Twin Jet Flap Handle Controls & Speed Brake Controls
  • CEF & ADS Transicoil merge management teams
  • Safran Power Units selects CEF for Global 7000/8000 APU Door Actuator and RVDT
  • CEF awarded Cargo Handling Actuation System for Embraer KC-390
  • Airbus Defense and Space selects CEF for A400M Crane Rail Actuator
  • Donaldson awards Bell 525 and AW-189 Air Filter Bypass Door Actuation to CEF
  • Pall Aeropower selects CEF for KAI-LAC/LAH Air Filter Bypass Door Actuator






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