Control Electronics

VLJ Wing Flap System For over 40+ years, CEF has been designing, manufacturing and testing a broad range of superior control electronic solutions for aerospace and defense applications. Our aptitude ranges from simple design and interface of motors, sensors, and load cells to complex, multi-channel closed-loop designs. CEF provides reliable and affordable off-the-shelf electronic solutions with efficient designs that still meet all customer requirements including Mil-461 and RTCA-DO160 standards. CEF can apply proven designs for a variety of existing applications, as well as electronic design, manufacturing and testing capabilities for new applications. 

Our capabilities are well suited to support commercial and defense fixed wing aircraft, actuators, cargo handling systems, helicopters, radar components, autofeather, autocoarsen, flap systems, and special applications. 

CEF electronics feature:

  • Stand alone or integrated assemblies Auto-Feather Computer
  • Full system design, development and qualification
  • Velocity, position and load control
  • Reduced or no standby current draw designs
  • Wide temperature range analog, digital, or mixed electronics
  • Fault-tolerant, high noise margins and hysteresis
  • Reliable interface to other aircraft components
  • Multi- channel closed loop servo and proportional control systems using analog technology
  • Worse case analysis and simulation
  • Built-in-test (BIT), health monitoring, and system diagnostics
  • Use of solid state devices to replace electromechanical relays as applicable
  • Small form factor with custom packaging and reduced parts count
  • Multi layer printed circuit board design, development and manufacturing that meet assembly requirements of IPC-A-610 Class 3 standard

 Cargo Handling System Lock Box Calibration Unit

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