Ball Screws

AS9100D certified CEF Industries designs, manufactures and tests ball screws for the aerospace and defense industry.  CEF has over 30+ years of experience providing: multiple configurations,  high load capability, a variety of mounting configurations, multiple ball return and loading options, gun drilling, and customized solutions to the most demanding applications.  CEF earned our reputation for quality by paying attention to detail, optimizing our material selection, raceway hardness, matching thread pitch, radii and root diameters.

CEF offers a full range of in house ball screw engineering experience providing:

  • Engineering designs in both 2D models and 3D solid models using Soildworks software.
  • Formal analytical design verifications FEA, FMEA, FMECA, MTBF, MTBUR etc.
  • In house test equipment for acceptance and development testing including efficiency testing
  • Coupling  options for drive components including worm gears
  • Gun drilling to lengths to 60 inches
  • Variety of spindle designs for load connections

Applications supported include:

  • Civilian and military wing flap systems
  • Landing gear extend/retract systems
  • Radar antenna drives
  • Engine thrust reverser deployment
  • Aircraft doors
  • Pilot seat adjustment

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