Landing Lights

CEF is a leading manufacturer of actuated or retractable landing lights for commercial and military aircraft applications.  We combine our expertise in actuation and design to produce reliable retractable 28Vdc landing lights, aircraft tested in speeds up to Mach .5, with lamps lasting up to three (3) times longer than some competitors and meeting all of the rigorous requirements of MIL-L-81174, MIL-STD-810E or MIL-STD-810C.

The housing for our actuated motor and gear assembly is completely sealed from the environment with our gears lubricated for the life of the unit providing outstanding reliability. Lamps are easily replaceable with standard hand tools. The lamp retaining band positively retains the lamp under all design and vibration conditions. The bulb is secured with a positive screw type clamp, preventing inadvertent loss of the bulb in flight.

Dual Mode Infrared Landing LightNumerous existing design configurations allow us to offer off the shelf both Par 46 and Par 64 lighting options.  Additionally, CEF has the capability of designing and manufacturing a wide variety of new retractable lighting options to either Mil-L-81174 or Mil-L-6723 requirements.


Actuated loads to 700 lbs, opening from 50-90 degrees
Temperature tested from. -65F to 160 F
Dual Mode Lights
High IR Ratings up to 90 Watt on Center
IR Beams Cone Angles (Deg): 14° to 27.5°
Visible Cone Angle (Deg): 11° to 14°
Visible Mode Life (Hr):  25 to 30 hours
Infrared Mode Life (Hr):  30 to 100+ hours
Visible Luminous Intensity (Candlepower):  150,000 - 200,000 
Radiance NVIS (NRI) (W/Sr):  <1 to >90


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