CMMQuality is at the core of most every aerospace manufacturing company and that is no different at CEF.  CEF has produced a wide variety of high quality precision machined components, as well as complex assemblies and systems for numerous functionally diverse applications.  Because continuous improvement and product enhancements are paramount at CEF, the components and systems usually exceed customer performance, reliability and maintenance specifications.

CEF employs a variety of training programs and procedures in order to ensure continuous improvement and compliance with AS9100D including ISO 9001:2015

Quality Policy Statement

CEF Industries is committed to understanding and meeting the quality needs and expectations of our customers and strives for continual improvement. Specific objectives of our quality management system are:

•             Defect free product
•             On time delivery
•             Complete customer satisfaction

Our commitment to Quality originates at the President level and transfers down to all levels of our organization.  The Quality Philosophy is that Quality is everyone’s job on every item or task they work on. Upon employment with CEF Industries LLC, each new employee is made aware of CEF Industries’ commitment to quality and is informed as to where quality related documents can be accessed along with a copy of our CEF Industries’ employee handbook. This instruction is documented in their training file.

Further each employee’s qualifications (including education, level of training and experience) are documented in their training file.  Within this file we include: A) Competency Checklists for new and company transferred employees which are completed within 90 days of employment; B) All Department Managers also identify and provide for additional training for department employees and employees being transferred from another department as needed. Continuing education is considered one of our keystones for producing optimal results and increasing every individual’s competency.

For manufacturing/shop personnel some of the typical training programs provided include; solder, resource management, FAA Repair, Certified Operator, Certified Assembler and other additional training during each year.

For professional office personnel some of the typical training programs provided include, leadership, financial management, time management, contract, project management, export compliance, corporate development and other additional training during each year.

The reporting structure for the Quality Department starts with dedicated quality personnel imbedded within each Product Line.  These personnel work directly on the factory floor and typically inspect and test both incoming and outgoing products.  Closely working with them are our Quality Control lead and Quality Control Engineers.  These folks report to the Lead Quality Control Engineer who reports to the Director of Quality.  The Director of Quality reports to the President.  From our rather flat organization structure, we are adept at implementing directives and solving problems in an expeditious fashion.  This in turn can help eliminate Quality issues very early on.

In the product design area, CEF has already implemented incorporation of Key Characteristic in every newly designed product.  This incorporation will lead us to achieve an even quicker awareness of any quality issues that might occur.

Quality Certifications

ISO 9001 / AS9100 Certificate

ISO 9001 / AS9100

FAA Part 21 Certificate

FAR Part 21

FAA Part 145 Certificate

FAA Part 145

EASA Part 145 Certificate

EASA Part 145


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