About CEF

CEF Industries, LLC (CAGE Code 00268) is an aerospace qualified full service manufacturing company including sales, marketing, customer service, design engineering, assembly, test, repair/overhaul, and customer support.

Our experience spans more than 65 years of designing and manufacturing a range of mechanical and electro-mechanical products and systems to customers applications.  Capabilities include primary & secondary flight control actuation, utility actuation, actuated landing lights, compressors for potable and waste water systems, pumps for avionics cooling, gear boxes for actuation drive systems  and electronic controls for CEF flap systems and auto-feathering applications. 

CEF is a Transdigm company that manages the business in a product line format with the product lines being Electro-Mechanical, which includes all linear and rotary electro-mechanical actuator products and control electronics, and Mechanical Systems, which includes the compressor, pump, ball screws, gear boxes and cargo handling system components.  The product line teams are led by the Product Line Manager and include dedicated representatives from Manufacturing, Planning, Purchasing, Sales, Quality, Design Engineering and Manufacturing Engineering and allow for additional focus on complete customer satisfaction.

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